If you would like to fulfil this request, please contact us via email or via the contact form on this page, putting the school/college name in the subject.

(Please click on this link to see the details of the scheme and costs: Webinar Request Scheme. Also, please click on the school logo above to go to their website if you need further background). 

Request Summary: The request is seeking a variety of possible inputs from universities in July 2018.

Q1 Which school/college are you from?

WMG Academy for Young Engineers is a University Technical College in the Canley area of Coventry, England. The college opened in 2014 on a site adjacent to The Westwood Academy.

Q2 What type of university webinar are you requesting (Please note that some of the options are similar – please choose the one/s that best describes what you are looking for)?

  • Guidance Talk – This may be a talk on personal statements, student finance, student life, etc
  • Curriculum Support Talk – An external voice on a subject being covered in the classroom
  • Online Stand/Helpdesk for HE/Careers Day – Students can connect and have a conversation with a relevant person at a university
  • Other (please specify):

Q3 Please describe any specific focus and requirements for what is covered in the session/s and what you would like it to achieve (learning/awareness/skills/motivation)?

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Q4 What year group/s is this for?

  • Year 11
  • Year 12
  • Year 13

Q5 As a rough estimate how many students would you expect to take part?

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Q6 Please provide up to 3 alternatives for when you would ideally like this to take place allowing a minimum of 3-4 weeks lead time? (If you are requesting more than one session or are unclear/flexible about dates at this stage, please move to question 6).

  • Date / Time 09/07/2018 09:00 AM
  • Date / Time 10/07/2018 11:00 AM
  • Date / Time 16/07/2018 09:30 AM

Q7 If you want to book several sessions, or there is greater flexibility around the date/time, or you are uncertain at this stage when you would like it to happen, please give us as much detail as possible here?

After final exams have taken place – July onwards

Q8 Are you happy for other schools/colleges to be invited? (This often makes it more likely that a university will pick it up and students often say that they enjoy interacting with other schools).

  • Yes

Q9 Do you have any preferences in terms of the universities we try to engage? (In practice the request is more likely to be fulfilled if a wider range of unis can be approached).

  • No

Q10 Is there anything further you think would be useful for us to know?

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