If you would like to fulfil this request, please contact us via email or via the contact form on this page, putting the school/college name in the subject.

(Please click on this link to see the details of the scheme and costs: Webinar Request Scheme. Also, please click on the school logo above to go to their website if you need further background). 

Request Summary: Exeter College would like a talk on Student Finance to assist their Year 13s progressing to university.

Q1 Which school/college are you from?

Exeter College is a tertiary college in the city of Exeter, Devon, providing further education for 16- 18-year-old students, including apprenticeships, A levels and the International Baccalaureate.

Q2 What type of university webinar are you requesting (Please note that some of the options are similar – please choose the one/s that best describes what you are looking for)?

  • Guidance Talk – This may be a talk on personal statements, student finance, student life, etc

Q3 Please describe any specific focus and requirements for what is covered in the session/s and what you would like it to achieve (learning/awareness/skills/motivation)?

This is for a group of HSC students in year 13, many of whom are progressing to HE – we’d like to give them some guidance on student finance and budgeting for university if possible.

Q4 What year group/s is this for?

  • Year 13

Q5 As a rough estimate how many students would you expect to take part?


Q6 Please provide up to 3 alternatives for when you would ideally like this to take place allowing a minimum of 3-4 weeks lead time? (If you are requesting more than one session or are unclear/flexible about dates at this stage, please move to question 6).

  • Date / Time 07/02/2018 10:30 AM
  • Date / Time 21/02/2018 10:30 AM
  • Date / Time 28/02/2018 10:30 AM

Q7 If you want to book several sessions, or there is greater flexibility around the date/time, or you are uncertain at this stage when you would like it to happen, please give us as much detail as possible here?

My faculty contact has requested 1030 on a Wednesday, though we can’t make the 14th, as this is half term.

Q8 Are you happy for other schools/colleges to be invited? (This often makes it more likely that a university will pick it up and students often say that they enjoy interacting with other schools).

  • Yes

Q9 Do you have any preferences in terms of the universities we try to engage? (In practice the request is more likely to be fulfilled if a wider range of unis can be approached).

  • No

Q10 Is there anything further you think would be useful for us to know?

As far as I’m aware, any Wednesday will do us fine. I’ve estimated 30 students but if timetabling all works out there may be significantly more.