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Philosophy/Ethics: Why Killing And Eating Meat Is (Most Of The Time) Morally Wrong with Dr Andrew Fisher, University of Nottingham

26th June 2019 @ 12:45 - 13:30



In this webinar, Dr Andrew Fisher will discuss with Year 12 students why killing and eating meat is (most of the time). The objectives of the session are:

  • To model what philosophical thinking is like from a University perspective.
  • To think through the issues of animal rights
  • To gain knowledge of the types of things Uni students study in the philosophy degree
  • To gain a better understanding of the difference between A-level and Uni level study/assessment.

Students will be actively engaged in a process combining questions, a thought experiment, and discussion of arguments to explore ethics with respect to animal rights. The format for the 45 minutes is:

  1. Short round of introductions
  2. Open question on the nature of philosophy
  3. Outline the nature of ethics
  4. Outline a thought experiment
  5. Get responses/discussion
  6. Outline main argument
  7. Get responses/discussion
  8. Open discussion about University, Uni admissions, Studying at University (e.g. what is a lecture actually like, what is the difference between lecture/seminar/workshop etc.)

The session will draw on different ethical theories and, possibly, various metaethical theories.


Lecturer Biography: Dr Andrew Fisher

Suitable for: Year 12s with a potential interest in studying, Arts and Humanities (in particular, philosophy) at University.

Preparation/Pre-Reading: There is no specific preparation or pre-reading for this event although students may wish to think about and discuss some of the key issues. Andrew has also made available the following link to his A-level ethics book which is downloadable for free:


The IT Setup: The setup is similar to Skype, using a pc and webcam, although students take part as a group with the image projected on a whiteboard rather than as individuals in front of lots of pcs. Dedicated videoconferencing equipment is also compatible if available to the school/college. We will work with your IT department to ensure everything is set up and working prior to the event. The sessions are generally limited to 3 to 5 schools to maintain the interactive nature of the experience.

Booking a Place: This is free for schools and colleges. Invitations to this event will be sent to schools and colleges by the University of Nottingham. Following an invitation, if you have a group of students that you would like to take part in this event, please click here 

Subject to availability we will book a place for you.


26th June 2019
12:45 - 13:30
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