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insight4me Spanish: Monarchies & Dictatorships With University Of Glasgow & University Of Nottingham

4th February 2021 @ 14:00 - 15:00




insight4me is a series of subject specific webinars for current Year 12 & 13 students. The sessions support students’ current studies by giving an insight into particular curriculum areas whilst affording students the opportunity to talk to different universities and make informed comparisons about how, in this case, Spanish/MFL is taught.

In this insight4me Spanish webinar for schools and colleges, University of Glasgow and University of Nottingham will each have roughly 30 minutes to deliver a punchy, topic based ‘micro’ talk. Within an overall session theme of Monarchies & Dictatorships, the universities have the freedom to choose their own topic and use the time to convey the key points of the case studies for the students.

Through the discussion, the universities are encouraged to provide an insight into the teaching and learning experience of this topic at university, and compare and contrast how other subject areas across the Modern Languages spectrum might be treated. Students will gain an insight into how these subjects continue beyond A-levels, T-levels, IB, BTEC and equivalent qualifications.

By hearing from 2 unis, students will also appreciate how the further study of MFL can vary between institutions, contributing to the depth of their HE research and assisting informed decision making.

Full details of the universities and their talks will appear below when available. 

  • University of Glasgow: Dr Eamon McCarthy will discuss the 1976-83 dictatorship in Argentina. Argentina lived under a military dictatorship from 1976-1983. During this time around 30,000 people were disappeared and many others were tortured. It is also estimated that around 500 babies were taken from their mothers and adopted in secret by other families. The effects of these human rights abuses are still felt in Argentine society today. In this lecture I want to talk a little bit about what happened during the dictatorship and ask why that might still be relevant today. I also want to think about why students of modern languages need to study a dictatorship that ended almost 40 years.
  • University of Nottingham: Dr Stephen Roberts will discuss the Franco Dictatorship (1939-1975) and its legacy in contemporary Spain. During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and the first years of the ensuing Dictatorship, more than 120,000 men and women were executed by Francoist forces or authorities, and many of the bodies remain buried in unmarked graves around the country. I shall look at the case of one of the most famous victims, the writer Federico García Lorca, in order to shed light both on how the extrajudicial killings were carried out and on how Spain, over the last years and through measures such as the Law of Historical Memory (2007), has attempted to deal with the injustices of its recent past. I shall also discuss how and why issues such as these make their way onto the curriculum of modern languages degrees.


Our events are designed so that a group of students can take part from a classroom or students and teachers can take part as individuals, either from school or from home. This means that sessions will continue irrespective of possible school closures.

As a live, participative event, this session will not be recorded but slides and other resources will be shared after the event, where available.



Suitable for: Year 12 & 13 students studying, or with a possible interest in studying, Spanish, Modern Languages and related disciplines.

Preparation/Pre-Reading: Students may wish to consider the 2 topics and discuss some of the key elements in advance. Students can also think about questions they have about studying MFL at university level.

The IT Setup: The event will be run on Bluejeans and participants will be able to join using laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. If you are joining as a school group, we recommend connecting with one device and projecting on to a whiteboard. You will be able to interact with the university via a microphone and/or typed comments and questions. Full details will be sent to those who have registered (see below) prior to the event.

Booking a Place: This is event is now fully booked but you can watch it live on facebook. Click below and it will take you to the Channel Talent page. The video will appear just before 14:00 (UK time).



4th February 2021
14:00 - 15:00
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