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insight4me Politics: Political Ideologies in Action – Curriculum Insights With UEA, Goldsmiths, University of London & Aberystwyth University

26th November 2019 @ 11:10 - 12:10





insight4me is a series of subject specific webinars for current Year 12/Year 13 students. The sessions support students’ current studies by giving an insight into particular curriculum areas whilst affording students the opportunity to talk to different universities and make informed comparisons about how, in this case, Politics is taught.

In this insight4me Politics webinar for schools and colleges, three universities, including Aberystwyth University, Goldsmiths, University of London and UEA, will each have roughly 20 minutes to deliver a punchy, topic based ‘micro’ talk. Within an overall session theme of Political Ideologies in Action, the universities have the freedom to choose their own topic, a topic that links to the A Level curriculum, and use the time to convey the key points of the case studies for the Year 12/Year 13 students.

Through the discussion, the universities are encouraged to provide an insight into the teaching and learning experience of this topic at university, and compare and contrast how other subject areas across the Politics spectrum might be treated. Students will gain an insight into how these subjects continue beyond the A-level curriculum.

By hearing from 3 unis, students will also appreciate how the further study of Politics can vary between institutions, contributing to the depth of their HE research and assisting informed decision making.

Full details of the universities and their talks can be found below:

  • UEA: Professor Alan Finlayson (please click name for biography) will present Is Nationalism Back for Good? For a long time many scholars thought that nationalism would soon be a thing of the past. Yet today nationalistic politicians are successful in many countries and opposition to internationalisation is becoming a dominant political force. In this lecture I will talk about why this is happening and about how understanding the ideology of nationalism can help us make sense of contemporary politics.
  • Goldsmiths: Europe’s Response to the Refugee Crisis In this talk, Dr Martina Tazzioli (please click name for biography) will focus on the politics of EU migration governance and on the responses to “refugee crisis” in the Mediterranean. She will look at how the global Visa regime impacts on the people who are seeking asylum in Europe, forcing them to put their lives at risk crossing the Mediterranean on unsafe vessels. She will also explore the security and humanitarian measures that the European Commission has put into place to control and protect migrants. Finally, she will comment on the EU’s discourse on the “refugee crisis” and the idea of a “migrants’ invasion”, showing some numbers and statistics about asylum seekers and migrants in Europe.
  • Aberystwyth: How do we Tackle Climate Change and What do Political Ideologies Have to do With It?’ Climate change and related ecological challenges present some fundamental challenges to politics on the planet: local, national and global. But how can climate change be tackled when states and communities often focus on securing their own survival and prosperity, at the expense of others’? And what is the relevance of ‘political ideologies’ in addressing the cutting edge challenges of climate change? In this session, Professor Milja Kurki (please click name for biography) shows how both classical and more recently developed political ideologies are highly relevant to today’s climate debates and demonstrates how they are tied up with bringing about change – if very different kinds of change!

Students will have the chance to question each speaker and/or offer their own ideas.

This will be a dynamic, fast paced event with the universities cycling between 3 different virtual rooms. The universities will decide how to manage the time but a rough guide would be a 10-12 minute talk followed by questions from the schools.


Suitable for: Year 12 and 13 students studying, or with a possible interest in studying, Politics and related disciplines.

Preparation/Pre-Reading: Students may wish to consider the 3 topics and discuss some of the key elements in advance. Students can also think about questions they have about studying Politics at university level.

The IT Setup: The setup is similar to Skype, using a pc and webcam, although students take part as a group with the image projected on a whiteboard rather than as individuals in front of lots of pcs. Dedicated videoconferencing equipment is also compatible if available to the school. Further details are here: Connecting in to a Channel Talent Event (Please Click)

We will work with your IT department to ensure everything is set up and working prior to the event. The sessions are generally limited to 3 to 5 schools to maintain the interactive nature of the experience. In this event there will be three groups of schools taking part increasing the opportunity to participate.

Booking a Place: This is free for schools and colleges. If you have a group of students that you would like to take part in this event, please click here 

Subject to availability we will book a place for you.


26th November 2019
11:10 - 12:10
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