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English Literature: The Great Gatsby Narrative by Dr Lucienne Loh, The University of Liverpool

2nd December 2014 @ 09:25 - 10:25

In an interactive session Dr Lucienne Loh will discuss The Great Gatsby by focusing on how the story is told in the major chapters and the narrative structure of the text.

In preparation for the session, Lucienne has asked that the students close read two passages in advance of the session and consider the questions Lucienne poses below:

(1) Please re-read the opening of the novel which begins “In my younger and more vulnerable years […]” (read till “the shortwinded elations of men”). What kind of image of Nick do you gain from this opening? How would you describe the tone and style of the language used? How does the passage frame points of irony throughout the text and can you provide examples of these points?

(2) Please re-read the opening of chapter 3 (i.e. from “There was music […]” to “with a simplicity of hear that was its own ticket of admission”). Consider Nick’s perspective here. How does it compare with the tone and style of the start of Chapter 1? How does Gatsby’s life come across in this passage in chapter 3 and how is Nick’s judgement of that life conveyed in the language of the passage?

(3) The third piece of preparation if the students have time is just for them to list the major turning points in the novel or what they perceive to be the major turning points. Lucienne will build on all three pieces of work during the session.

Suitable for: Year 12 & 13

Preparation/Pre-reading: As above. Students should each have a copy of the novel to refer to during the session.


2nd December 2014
09:25 - 10:25
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