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English: Careers With An English Degree with Helen Kempster from Goldsmiths, University of London

31st October 2016 @ 09:30 - 10:30


Helen Kempster is a Senior Careers Consultant in the Careers Service at Goldsmiths, University of London. In this interactive webinar she will share Careers Advice and Guidance following study of English related degrees. This is intended to assist Year 12/13 students potentially interested in taking the subject further yet unsure about post degree pathways.

By the end of the session, students will:

  • Understand their own skills and values
  • Be able to generate some career ideas
  • Develop a plan to research their ideas
  • Understand some of the career paths open to English graduates

Helen will cover with students:

  • The skills they have now and what they will gain from and English degree
  • Examples of jobs and careers related to the study of English (and destinations of Goldsmiths graduates)
  • Options for postgraduate study
  • Other options after university (travel/volunteering/starting a business)
  • Resources to generate and research career ideas

The format/approach of the session will:

  • Ask students to consider their own skills and values (by ‘interviewing’ each other)
  • Ask students to feed back on their ideas of what English graduates do (See Preparation/Pre-reading)
  • Present some of the options open to English graduates (including specific examples from Goldsmiths graduates)
  • Present some resources and methods students could use to research careers, including the importance of relevant work experience
  • Ask students to note down one or two actions they will take as a result of the session

The expected benefits of the session are:

  • Students will have a clearer understanding of whether further English study is right for them, and where an English degree might take them
  • Students will understand the range of career options available to them, and the importance of researching these and gaining relevant experience
  • Students will be well-prepared to make the most of careers services when they start university

Lecturer Profile: Helen Kempster

Suitable for: Year 12 and 13 students studying English who are considering continuing this subject at university.

Preparation or Pre-Reading: As preparation, Goldsmiths has requested that students are asked to consider two questions prior to the event:

  • What do you think English graduates go on to do?
  • How many jobs/careers/other options can you list?

The IT Setup: The setup is similar to Skype, using a pc and webcam, although students take part as a group with the image projected on a whiteboard rather than as individuals in front of lots of pcs. Dedicated videoconferencing equipment is also compatible if available to the school. We will work with your IT department to ensure everything is set up and working prior to the event. The sessions are generally limited to 3 or 4 schools to maintain the interactive nature of the experience.

Booking a Place: If you have a group that you would like to take part in this event, please contact us via email or by using the contact form on the right of this page. We will book your place subject to availability.


31st October 2016
09:30 - 10:30
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