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Economics: Technological Innovation, Globalisation And Income Inequality In The UK: The Case Of Footballers’ Salaries With Dr Panos Nanos From The University of Sheffield

24th September 2019 @ 11:10 - 12:10



Using footballers’ salaries as a motivating example, in this interactive webinar, Dr Panos Nanos, a Lecturer from the Department of Economics at The University of Sheffield, will discuss how technology and globalisation have transformed the UK labour market by rewarding skilled workers in particular sectors and by replacing unskilled workers in other sectors; this transformation has led to an increase in income inequality.

The session is a non-technical introduction to the theory of task-biased technical change, a state-of-the-art economic model that can provide an explanation for the observed trends in inequality in the UK.  The talk will connect with relevant elements of the A Level curriculum, including inequality, globalisation, wage determination, production & market size/structure and students will have the chance to engage with a Q&A session following Panos’ presentation.

In addition, Panos will be happy to discuss applying for and studying Economics at university, with particular reference to the degree courses available at Sheffield.

Lecture Profile (Please Click): Dr Panos Nanos

Suitable for: Year 12 & 13 students studying Economics and/or thinking about studying Economics at university.

Preparation/Pre-Reading: There is no specific prep/pre-reading for this event but students are encouraged to think about the subject area and some of the issues. Students can also consider questions they have about studying Economics at university level.

The IT Setup: The setup is similar to Skype, using a pc and webcam, although students take part as a group with the image projected on a whiteboard rather than as individuals in front of lots of pcs. Dedicated videoconferencing equipment is also compatible if available to the school. We will work with your IT department to ensure everything is set up and working prior to the event. The sessions are generally limited to 3 to 5 schools to maintain the interactive nature of the experience.

Booking a Place: This is free for schools and colleges. If you have a group of students that you would like to take part in this event, please click here 

Subject to availability we will book a place for you.


24th September 2019
11:10 - 12:10
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