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Developmental Psychology: I See What You Mean. I Mean, I See What You See Now! – A Taste Of Psychology With Dr Catherine G. O’Hanlon From Aberystwyth University

March 16 @ 14:15 - 15:00



We are delighted to present the Taste Of series from Aberystwyth University which showcases different subject disciplines. Students will be engaged in a lively interactive discussion that provides enrichment of their current studies whilst bringing to life the wealth of academic possibilities available at university.

In I See What You Mean. I Mean, I See What You See Now!, Dr Catherine G. O’Hanlon from the Department of Psychology will take you through a journey of 40 years of research in Developmental Psychology, which has led us to understand key aspects of infant cognitive development that were largely misunderstood until 2005. In 2005, key changes in the methods used to understand the development of Theory of Mind took place, particularly in “perspective taking”, which is fundamental in everyday communicative contexts for both adults and children. Before 2005, we had this all wrong! We believed that Theory of Mind develops around 4-5 years of age. Textbooks have been re-written since.

This is one of the most engaging and fascinating topics to our Psychology Undergraduate students, and is still being researched today among neuroscientists to understand the underpinning neuronal associates.

The session will include footage of research conducted with children aged 3-5 years, which is not restricted, thus you’ll be able to access it again following attendance at this session; web links will be provided. The session will also include self-assessments in the form of answering simple research questions addressed at 3-5 year olds. So, get ready to put your child’s hat on, to enjoy the ride and learn just how smart we’re born!


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Lecturer Profile (Please Click): Dr Catherine G. O’Hanlon

Suitable for: Year 10 to Year 13 students studying or with an interest in Psychology, Sociology, Child Studies, or related subjects.

Preparation or Pre-Reading: There is no formal preparation or pre-reading but participants may like to consider in advance some questions relevant to the subject area.

The IT Setup: The event will be run on Bluejeans and participants will be able to join using laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. You will be able to interact with the university via a microphone and/or typed comments and questions. Full details will be sent to those who have registered (see below) prior to the event.

Booking a Place: This is free for schools and colleges.  If you would like to take part in this event, please register your interest using the link to the registration form below: