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Chemistry: A Pollutant’s Tale: Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change by Tim Harrison, The University of Bristol

2nd May 2014 @ 13:15 - 14:15


This lecture demonstration covers:

• the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere in comparison to other planets

• a brief description of the structure of the atmosphere

• investigation of some of the chemistry and properties of nitrogen and oxygen

• a few of the tropospheric pollutants including carbon dioxide


Throughout the lecture there are demonstrations including some involving liquid nitrogen, oxygen foam, dry ice and a few explosions. Some familiar Chemistry concepts will be revised and some expansion of ideas about climate and climate change.

Lecturer Profile: Tim Harrison


Suitable for: Year 10 and 11


Preparation/Pre-reading: None required.

However post lecture reading:

Information about simpler experiments.

Further information about possible future experiments.

Extension Reading: Ozone depletion, Stabilisation wedges.

If back copies of Chemistry Review magazine are available:

A. Harrison, T.G., Shallcross, D.E., Henshaw, S., Detecting CO2 -the Hunt for Greenhouse-gas Emissions (2006). Chemistry Review, 15 (3), 27-31.

B. Shallcross, D.E. and Harrison, T.G., (2009b). Out of thin air. Hydrogen in the Earth’s Atmosphere, Chemistry Review, 19, 2-6.

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F. Khan A., Harrison, T.G. and Shallcross, D.E. (2011). Out of Thin Air. Do Ants Destroy the Ozone Layer? Chemistry Review, 20(4).


2nd May 2014
13:15 - 14:15
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